Leroy V. Smith, Jr.
PE – Registered Professional Engineer, United States Virgin Islands, No. 556E

Anative Virgin Islander, LeRoy V. Smith, Jr. is a design professional with more than 35 years of experience. A graduate of the Charlotte Amalie High School Class of 1968, he received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1974. Prior to returning to the Virgin Islands in 1990, Mr. Smith worked for many years with AT&T and overseas in Africa and Saudi Arabia as a project manager for large multi-national engineering firms. As co-principal, Mr. Smith is responsible for quality assurance, engineering review, and management of the firm’s resources.


October 1992 through Present, St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands
spacer Project Manager, deJONGH ASSOCIATES

June 1990 through September 1992, St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands
spacer Site Engineer/Area Manager, 3D International, Dar Al Riyadh

October 1988 through May 1990, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
spacer Senior Mechanical Engineer, LEO A. DALY CO., (Stationed in Saudi Arabia)

May 1984 through March 1987, Omaha, Nebraska
spacer Senior Mechanical Engineer, T-CAS INC.

August 1981 through February 1983, Falls Church, Virginia
spacer Construction Engineer (USA), ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY

July 1973 through July 1981, Chicago, Illinois
spacer Construction Engineer, WESTERN ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL

February 1979 through October 1979, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

October 1992 through Present/St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands
Principal of an eight (8)-person architectural/ engineering firm providing comprehensive architectural/engineering design and management services throughout the Virgin Islands. Specific duties include management of Quality Control of Architectural Design Activities from Project Concept Development through Project Closeout, as well as management of construction activities from Bidding through Project Closeout.

June 1990 through September 1992/St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands
Project Manager for Architectural/Engineering firm providing Program Management Services on a $300 million capital improvement program for the Government of the Virgin Islands. Directly responsible for the renovation/reconstruction of all major Health facilities in the United States Virgin islands as part of the Government $300 million Capital Improvement Program and post Hurricane Hugo reconstruction effort. Provided overall technical and administrative management, from project inception to project completion, of several ongoing hospital construction/ renovation projects in the $15-$25 million range. Supervised several Project Engineers and Project Inspectors.

October 1988 through May 1990/Dar Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Site Engineer/Area Manager for International Architectural/Engineering firm providing inspection and Engineering Services for the U.S. Air Force on a USA to Saudi Arabia, foreign military sales contract. Responsible for implementation of the Inspection and Engineering services contract in the western region of Saudi Arabia on the Royal Saudi Air Force Peace Shield project. Duties included monitoring the construction of all Peace Shield Facilities in the western Region of Saudi Arabia. These facilities included four long range radar stations, four HF communication sites and a main underground sector control and operations center. The total dollar value of these construction projects is in excess of $150 million

May 1987 through October 1988/Dar Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer for International A/E firm providing inspection and Engineering Services for the USAF on a USA to Saudi Arabia, government foreign military sales contract. The total cost of the above listed projects is approximately 50 million U.S. dollars.

March 1984 through February 1987/Saudi Arabia
Senior Mechanical Engineer for consultant team supervising design and construction of Saudi Arabian National Guard Military Cities at Khasm Al-Aan and Dirab consisting of 5,000 Soldiers Villas and all Infrastructures. Held overall responsibility for all mechanical works associated with the above. Headed-up Mechanical Department and directly supervised one Mechanical Engineer and Mechanical Inspector.
spacer T - CAS Inc.
August 1981 through February 1983/Nigeria, Africa
Senior Mechanical Engineer working in the Federal Ministry of Communications, Lagos, Nigeria. Reported directly to the Project Manager/Contracting Officer for national communications projects. Main responsibilities were to advise and assist the project manager and his local staff on the mechanical aspects of various projects. These aspects included the stand-by power generators, fire protection systems, air-conditioning systems and piping systems.

July 1977 through July 1981/United States of America
Construction Project Engineer Working in the Real Estate Engineering Department of Illinois Bell Telephone Company. Coordinated and supervised the design and installation of mechanical, electrical and structural facilities for building construction projects in telecommunication buildings. Worked with architects and contractors during the design and construction phases of each project, to solve design and on-site engineering problems. Handled all administrative items associated with each project, including total responsibility for all architectural and construction activities from the birth of the project to contract award through the final acceptance of each project.

February 1979 through October 1979/Saudi Arabia
Project Engineer responsible for implementation and development of several microwave tower sites. Responsibilities included verifying proper site location and insuring that site was constructed according to specifications and drawings. Also responsible for supervision of several contract civil inspectors and civil engineers. Hired into position to provide on-site supervision, the lack of which Western Electric International felt was responsible for project falling so far behind schedule.

July 1973 through July 1977/United States of America
Illinois Bell Field Engineer supervising the installation, testing and commissioning of computerized buildings environment monitoring and maintenance systems in over fifty company buildings. Hired into a newly-created position. Took initiative to develop and specify job responsibilities, and to develop a manual to be used for training.


The Jaredian Design Group has a core of seven individuals that develop, manage, and execute the projects within the firm. Each has their respective strengths and roles to play on each project. Our team is built around this core and expands depending upon the needs of individual projects:


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